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About Brandon Eyes in Madison

Homestead Shoppes
6122 Mineral Point Road Madison, WI 53705

In March of 2018, Brandon Eyes in Madison moved to a brand new, fully customized location. Previously calling the Clock Tower Court home, Dr. Brandon designed a new office specifically for the eye care needs, keeping efficiency and innovation in mind. The build-out process began in the fall of 2017, with Dr. Brandon and his family tackling most of the work. When the dust had settled and all was finished, he had created a unique, stylish, and remarkable location, still on Mineral Point Road.

Patients seen here will be impressed by the spacious feel, natural light, and modern style. With many new frame lines to offer, there is a large variety to choose from. Accompanied with an expansive space to shop, the technology and care you'll find at Brandon Eyes is unsurpassed.

Take a tour of our Madison office: