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Anti-Fatigue Lenses

With my stomach starting to get in the way of reading the scale, I decided to take up hiking. I chose Parfrey's Glen for my first hike. Surely it was not my glasses, but somehow I did not read the map correctly and the hike was 3 miles downhill into the glen, and then a 3 mile crawl back uphill to my car, with a short pause to lie flat on my back to consider the error of my decision. Aside from the intense burning in every muscle, I was subject to intense nausea. I discovered it was only...Read more »

Introducing a Second Location

We’re back to blogging! What better way to start than to update you on our latest (and greatest!) changes. In April of 2015, Brandon Eyes acquired a second location - 6614 Mineral Point Rd in Madison (part of the Clock Tower Court). Patients, both established and new, are welcome to visit us at either location for eye exams, frame adjustments, frame selection, or just to stop in for a fresh cookie! All information is shared between the two offices, and we are now able to accept Unity...Read more »

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