Anti-Fatigue Lenses

With my stomach starting to get in the way of reading the scale, I decided to take up hiking. I chose Parfrey's Glen for my first hike. Surely it was not my glasses, but somehow I did not read the map correctly and the hike was 3 miles downhill into the glen, and then a 3 mile crawl back uphill to my car, with a short pause to lie flat on my back to consider the error of my decision. Aside from the intense burning in every muscle, I was subject to intense nausea. I discovered it was only relieved by removing my progressive multifocal glasses.

Monday morning, after considerable stretching and complaining, I made it into work and picked up the phone to order new glasses. Something new, very new in fact, and quite exciting. I'm writing to introduce you to Hoya Sync anti-fatigue lenses! Alas they did not reduce the fatigue in my legs from my hike; Sync anti-fatigue lenses did however solve my problem with ground blur and general nausea when attempting to be relatively active.


Nothing makes you feel older than….? How would you answer this question? For me, the short answer would be my vision. I needed cataract surgery by the time I turned 38; hello distance vision, goodbye near vision! It was quite a dramatic change after being moderately near-sighted my whole life.

Having adapted well to my first progressive, and owning my own optical dispensary, I took the opportunity to try as many different premium progressive multifocal lenses as I could. I wanted to see which lenses were worth the purchase. I found out there were many differences in progressive lenses out there.

For most folks over 50, Sync lenses do not provide crisp vision at 16 inches, 20-24 inches however is spectacular, with hardly any perceivable ground blur.

Six months have passed, my legs no longer ache, and I am able to reflect on what is likely the most significant product change in our office, reducing eye strain without causing ground blur and nausea.

Hoya Sync lenses received the Eye Vote Readers Choice Award from 20/20 magazine as the Best New Product of 2015. In my impression, it is best suited for those either not needing a ton of help at near, or for those like me that want to feel young again and to see the ground clearly without feeling like lying down on the trail.


-Written by Dr. Norman Brandon

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