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Summer is flying by, and we don't want you to miss out on what's happening here at Brandon Eyes! Now is the perfect time to stop in and meet our newest optician, check out our new frames and package pricing, and/or make an appointment to try the latest and greatest in contact lenses! Staff UpdateLast month Brandon Eyes brought on a new optician, Tracy, who has 20+ years of experience in the optical industry. Tracy is a Madison native and has experience in both private practice and corporate...Read more »

Summer's Here! Are You Protecting Your Eyes?

It's finally summer, and we've already had several bright and sunny days. We all need to soak up some much-needed vitamin D after being inside for the winter months, but it's important to take it slow and protect your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The UV light from the sun can cause damage to your eyes in several different forms. Just a few of the conditions that may result from extended sun exposure are listed below: Cataracts Macular Degeneration   Extended sun exposure puts...Read more »

Contact Lenses: Do You Know What You're Missing?

 A lot of you have probably been wearing contact lenses for a long time. And maybe you've even been in the same exact brand of contact lenses for several years. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you're missing out on something better? Sure, your contact lenses may seem alright; they dry out toward the end of the day, but that's normal, right? Well I'm here to tell you that it's not normal, and we can help you find a more suitable lens. Just like everything else, contact lens...Read more »

Itchy Eyes?

It's that time of year again. The pollen levels are at an all-time high. You want to have your windows open but the fresh air leaves you stuffed up, sniffling, and itching. It's allergy season and your eyes are sure to notice, especially if you're a contact lens wearer. The most common complaint I hear around this time of year is "My eyes are itchy and I can't wait to take my contact lenses out at the end of the day." Or maybe your eyes don't itch, but they look red and irritated lately....Read more »

Are Your Glasses Trying to Do Too Much?

Maybe there are days when you find yourself rhyming with Dr. Seuss concerning those expensive new progressive or no-line bifocals. I do not like them in a box. I do not like them with a fox I do not like them in a house I do not like them with a mouse I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere. Maybe every line does not apply to you, but for many of you with moderate to advanced difficulty with near-focusing, the first sentence seems close, you feel like suddenly your...Read more »

Dry Eye 2: Using Heat as Therapy

I promised I would follow up with some simple preventative and treatment options for dry eye, so here you go! Remember how I said the majority of cases of dry eye are due to poor or deficient oil production, and most people have this problem even though their eyes feel comfortable? Well then it makes sense to start by improving that oil production. One simple, effective method of doing so is by using heat. Heat works by thinning and loosening the oil that is naturally produced by your eyelid...Read more »

Dry Eye: The Anatomy of Your Tears

A staggering number of people suffer from dry eye, but do you ever stop and wonder, "Why me?" or "What could I be doing differently to prevent dry eye?" There are many different kinds of dry eye so the answer to those questions is not the same for everyone. We'd like you to understand and learn more about dry eye so we're launching a "blog series" of articles related to dry eye, including causes, treatment, prevention and much more! Let's start with the basics... Your tears are made up of three...Read more »

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

With my stomach starting to get in the way of reading the scale, I decided to take up hiking. I chose Parfrey's Glen for my first hike. Surely it was not my glasses, but somehow I did not read the map correctly and the hike was 3 miles downhill into the glen, and then a 3 mile crawl back uphill to my car, with a short pause to lie flat on my back to consider the error of my decision. Aside from the intense burning in every muscle, I was subject to intense nausea. I discovered it was only...Read more »

Introducing a Second Location

We’re back to blogging! What better way to start than to update you on our latest (and greatest!) changes. In April of 2015, Brandon Eyes acquired a second location - 6614 Mineral Point Rd in Madison (part of the Clock Tower Court). Patients, both established and new, are welcome to visit us at either location for eye exams, frame adjustments, frame selection, or just to stop in for a fresh cookie! All information is shared between the two offices, and we are now able to accept Unity...Read more »

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